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Started: Jan 1, 2009
Total accounts: 254
Total deposited: $ 632.00


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5.5% Weekly for 52 Weeks

About 52WeeklyPay

52WeeklyPay is an online investment concept developed by Virtual Cashier Ltd, officially registered as an SME in Cameroon. We are engage in Crypto Currency Trading, Online and Offline Investment, Real Estate, Logistics and other commodities.
We have a professional Management who make a Profit with the Best Market Strategies from last 5 years.Our Guarantee is that you can make Profit With us by Investing In Our program. Our first priority is for SECURITY. We have a Business Seals office Verified For Our Company.We provide Instant Support By Live chat.And we are very thankful to our offline clients and welcome you to join our Online Program to get Returns on your investment.

Latest News

Sep-17-2018 02:02:24 PM
Site now secured with SSL.
Website security now enforced with an SSL certificate, for additional security, a more fortified firewall based on Cloudflare and to check Ddos attacks, to boosting our website security and the funds of our investors.

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up to 3%


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Service Guarantee - Trust is crucial to business. Using our service you know the site is certified by our transparant dealings and reportings.

Site Security - automatically scans the website for malicious software and malware and checks for database attacks where sensitive customer information is stored.

Orange Money Partner - Officially processing MTN Mobile Money Cash-In and Cash-Out and susbscription at no extra cost to all our investors and potential investors.