New residential investment from ‘smart’ investment firm Morris invest

New residential investments are emerging as a way to encourage younger Australians to save for their retirement and invest in the home.

The investment firm, Morris Investment, is launching a new platform,, aimed at helping people make better financial decisions.

“This new platform is a place to talk about the best investment ideas to help people make the right financial decisions, including investment in your home,” Mr Morris said.

“We want to help you make the most of your savings so you can live your dream of a life with a home and family.”

Our goal is to be the place you go when you need to make the best financial decision possible, with our portfolio of investment advice and tools to help.

“We are always seeking new ways to improve our tools and we want to provide the best advice and support to our community to help everyone understand what’s right for them.”

Mr Morris said the new platform would provide people with information and tools about investing in their own home.

“What we are doing is providing a platform where people can find the advice that’s right to them,” he said.

“There will be different types of advice that will be available to different people.”

Mr Murray said MorrisInvestments had been working with the Federal Government to create a new investment portfolio, which would offer investment guidance and information for Australians aged 18 and over.

“Morris has worked closely with the Treasurer and Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison to deliver a new portfolio of advice to help Australians make a better financial decision,” Mr Murray said.

“This portfolio will be a place where people have access to a range of advice, including a range that will help them choose a financial plan that works for them, which is what MorrisInvesting does.”

The new platform will provide a way for people to access information and financial advice about investing their own retirement savings, and will also offer an alternative to investing through a financial adviser.

“The new platform will be an alternative for people who want to save their money and invest their own money, but do not want to rely on a financial advisor, or a financial planner,” Mr Morrisesaid.

He said Morrisinvestments would also offer advice on the benefits of investing in your own home, such as property values, home loan repayments and the amount of money you can save for your retirement.

“While Morrisinvestment will be looking at all the options available to you, Morrisinvesting will be providing a way of investing for you that is fair, transparent and will help you to make a smart investment choice,” Mr Millsaid. is expected to launch later this year.

Mr Murray says the company was not involved in any financial advice for the portfolio.

“When you look at there are lots of different investment types that Morrisinvest has provided,” Mr Murry said.

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