What investors should know about Acorns investment partner reddit

Acorns, the $50 billion-plus platform for crowdfunding, has partnered with Reddit.

The platform launched on Monday as part of the launch of its Reddit Investing Review, a beta program that will test new investment opportunities from Acorns and other partners.

The partnership gives investors more information about Acorn’s portfolio.

The review will be a collaboration between Acorns (ACORN) and Reddit (RUM).

Acorns will offer investors a free trial of Reddit Investors, a tool to connect with investors on Acorns’ platform.

This is an extension of the platform’s existing Acorns Institutional Investors program.

Investors will have the option to join Reddit Investor to get access to a free 12-month trial, which will help them to find opportunities in their portfolio.

Acorns also provides investors with an account on Reddit.com to manage their investments and manage the platform.

Acorn will pay a monthly fee of $2.99 per month.AOC shares closed up 0.6% at $7.20, up $0.18 or 1.4%.

Shares of Reddit went up 1.7% to $20.83.