Markets: US markets on track for the longest bull run since 2007

Markets are getting hotter and hotter in the United States, but it’s not quite time to celebrate yet.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained an astounding 730 points in just over a year, and the S&P 500 has added nearly 500 points, both new records.

These gains come despite some uncertainty around the Fed’s new bond-buying stimulus plan, the Fed meeting and other factors that could have a major impact on stock prices, according to a new report from Capital Economics.

The stock market’s performance in the last month has been one of the best in the US in a long time, with both the Dow and the Standard & Poors up over 400 points in the past month.

But even if you’re not as bullish on stocks, it’s still worth taking a look at what’s driving the bull market in the first place.

A look at stocks, the economy and the bond market Capital Economics analyzed the latest market news and forecasts and concluded that the U.S. economy is still largely in good shape, with a robust employment recovery and relatively low inflation.

While the Federal Reserve’s bond-market stimulus plan could impact the economy significantly, it will likely have minimal impact on the stock market.

This isn’t because investors aren’t paying attention to the economy or the economy is doing well, Capital Economics explained in a statement.

Rather, investors have been distracted by uncertainty around policy announcements and other potential economic factors.

If the Fed starts hiking interest rates or a new round of quantitative easing, then investors are likely to lose interest in stocks, as they have over the past few years.

This is also why the recent rally in the Dow has been largely driven by optimism and optimism about the economy.

“We think investors are focusing on a variety of factors,” Capital Economics’ Mark Zandi said in a phone interview.

“They’re more likely to invest in bonds, stocks, and utilities than bonds and real estate.”

Zandi added that investors are also more willing to take risks when it comes to equities, and that’s where they’re most likely to miss the most.

He explained that this is because stocks are typically more liquid and can be sold at any time.

If investors were to see a stock go up, it could trigger a sell-off in the stock’s price, which would affect their overall portfolio.

But if a stock goes down, that stock is less likely to rise or fall in value and it will only be bought back when its value has increased.

This means the market can be volatile.

And, while stocks have generally been good performers over the years, they’ve seen several high-profile bubbles in the 2000s, and their performance has historically been more volatile than the economy has.

This year’s rally in stocks is also largely driven in large part by investors’ belief that the Fed will ease up on its bond-buyback program.

The Fed is expected to unveil its stimulus plan at its next meeting, which is scheduled for January 10.

But Zandi noted that it’s unlikely that the plan will be sufficient to reverse the market’s steep decline in stocks over the last year.

And he also noted that the economy still has a ways to go.

He noted that over the next six months, the U,S.

population is expected increase by just over 2 million people.

The economy is expected grow by just under 1.8 million.

And the unemployment rate is expected decline to 7.9%.

As a result, the stock price of U..

S.-based stocks is expected by many analysts to decline in the coming months.

Zandi concluded by saying that stocks are currently being priced in for the most volatile time in the U-S.

history, as the Fed continues to raise interest rates.

“The U.P.

S market has been in the midst of a bull market, with an unusually large number of stocks being priced at historically low valuations,” he said.

“This is not something we would see in the future.”


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