What is the latest news on the South Australian bid to take over the WA Government?

South Australia is considering an interest in taking over the state government after it emerged the WA Labor government had asked for the $50 million price tag to be raised by the Government.

News Corp reported the State Government’s request was rejected on Tuesday.

News Media Victoria also reported a meeting of the South Australia Council of State was held on Tuesday, in which it was suggested a deal could be done in the coming weeks.

The South Australian Government has said the South Australians have not yet come forward with any evidence to support their request.

It is understood the South Aus-based Government is considering a $50m bid for the state’s land and resources.

It would take over from the Federal Government and will be a “major change” to the state and would have a major impact on the State’s economy.

The proposal has been put to the State Cabinet by Premier Jay Weatherill.

“We want to be seen as a strong, resilient, successful and prosperous state,” Mr Weatherill said on Tuesday evening.

“That’s the only way we can win.”

The Premier said the Government’s bid was based on the advice of his department.

“The Government has not come forward and said, ‘we’re going to raise the price to $50million, we’re going raise it again’,” he said.

“It has come to me in response to a question on a presentation that was submitted by my department.”

There was a presentation from the Government and they said to the Government, ‘do you want to bid on our state?’

“Mr Weatheril said the State would seek to increase its bid by a minimum of $10 million, and $30 million for the first phase.

He said it would cost the state $2.2 million to raise its bid.

The State Government will hold a special session of the State Assembly to consider the offer, and then decide whether to proceed.

A separate $100 million bid has also been put forward by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

The bid is due to be considered by the State Legislative Assembly by next week.

“They have got their bid on their own. “

What’s happening in South Australia and in Western Australia is the Government is putting its bid on the table,” Mr Raines told Sky News.

“But they haven’t come forward yet with any proof to back up that.” “

“It’s really about their own position in the community and the way they want to do it, and the support from the community.” “

But they haven’t come forward yet with any proof to back up that.”

“It’s really about their own position in the community and the way they want to do it, and the support from the community.”

South Australian Premier Jay Rattenbury says the Federal Coalition is trying to steal his election.

“People have asked me for some advice,” Mr Rattenburys response said.

He denied any Federal Coalition funding was involved in the State Opposition’s bid.

“There is absolutely no Federal funding involved in South Australian political activity,” he said, “so there’s nothing to hide.”

Federal Opposition Leader Mark McGowan has previously suggested the Federal government was behind the State government’s bid to replace the Federal Opposition.

Mr Rattburys office said the Federal Department of Finance was not involved in a bid to be the new state government.

“No, that’s not true,” Mr McGowan told ABC radio on Tuesday night.

“When you have a Federal Government putting a bid on, you have to look at the full picture of the bid.”

We’ve got a new Federal Government that’s come in and put their bid out.

“And the State has put theirs out.”

The Federal Opposition’s South Australian State Opposition spokesman Michael Sukkar told the ABC he did not understand the logic behind the Federal opposition’s bid being put forward.

“If they’re putting a full bid on and saying, ‘I want to go in and change South Australia’, it’s an act of corruption, it’s not the right way to do business,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

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