Betterment invests $4M in investment firms that have invested in US election coverage

Investing in US elections has been a major pillar of the Betterment platform since it was founded in 2015.

The platform is backed by investment firms including Drexel Burnham Lambert, BlackRock, Citi, TD Ameritrade, and United States Trust.

Betterment’s CEO, Mike McPherson, has said that the platform will offer a level of certainty that’s never been available to US companies before. 

“Investors can now see, in a few simple steps, how well they can understand the implications of their investment, while still being able to get the best return for their money,” McPhersons CEO said in a press release.

“The more that Americans are able to see how well our platform and its investment tools can predict the outcome of elections, the more likely they will invest in the United States and help elect candidates who will represent them well.” 

The company’s platform currently offers a mix of different investment vehicles, including stock in the US election market, debt, and cash.

It will be launching a suite of tools, including a US election forecasting tool and voting machine, on April 19.

Betterfield has a similar product that it says will be ready for release later this year.

The company also has a US Election Forecast Tool, a voting machine tool, and an automated voting tool. 

Betterment’s investment tools have historically focused on US politics, and Betterment has been very vocal about how important the election is to its business.

Earlier this year, the company said it had invested $1 million in a political consulting firm, which had a “strong track record” on the presidential race. 

The Betterment investment platform is similar to the platform that Trump used during the 2016 campaign, which has been an active participant in the presidential debates. 

During the presidential election, Trump was not shy about sharing his opinion on the topic, tweeting out comments and opinions from his Twitter account.

 Trump often used his Twitter feed to share comments and ideas, including one that said that “we need to have a revolution in the Democratic Party” and that he would “defeat [the Clintons] in a landslide”.