The 10 most influential viking investors

IGN: What are your top 10 Viking investments?

We’ve been on a Viking vacation and we can’t get enough Viking investments, so we asked some of the best Viking investors out there. 

We asked a few questions to see if they had any Viking-related investments, or just a favorite of theirs.

Here are 10 of the top 10. 


Viking Investments: A Viking investment is one that pays for itself within five years.

The 10-year average returns are more than double those of traditional bonds, and the return is generally higher than the average investment in the index.

This makes investing in a Vikings portfolio a good way to hedge your risk.


The Vanguard ETF: The Vanguard is a very attractive index fund, with an average target of $25,000 and an expected yield of 4.3%.

Vanguard has become the gold standard in value investing.


Watson Investments:Watson has been a big influence on Viking investing since the Viking Day in 2012, when they announced a new index fund.

The Watson Investment Trust is a relatively low-cost index fund that tracks an average index over the past 50 years.


Kinder-Morgan: Kerr’s portfolio manager at the time, Jim Campbell, had a major impact on Viking investors.

In 2016, he said that “Kinder Morgan is not only a phenomenal investment vehicle, it is also a perfect example of what can be accomplished with a small, diversified portfolio of shares.” 


Goldman Sachs: Goldman is the gold of investment for the Viking.

Its a great index fund and it’s a great value.

Its also a diversified investment with a low cost of capital and strong diversification.

The company has been an excellent leader for Viking investing. 


Boeing: Billionaire aerospace investor Robert McNamara is a major Viking investor.

The CEO of Boeing, who has a history of buying up stocks in companies, is a big supporter of the index fund Vanguard.


U.S. Small Business Administration: The SBA’s Small Business Investment Corporation, or SBA Small, has an average growth rate of 3.5%, which is better than the Vanguard, and a return of more than 5% on a 10-years’ investment.


RBS Capital Markets:RBS is a high-quality diversified index fund with a strong index component.

Its low cost-of-capital and high returns are important.

The S&P 500 is an excellent example of a small diversified fund with high returns.


Nordstrom:Nordys stocks are well-known in the Viking community, and it is no surprise that they are a big part of this index fund’s growth.

Nordys shares are one of the highest-rated U.S.-listed stocks in the market. 


MIDAS Vanguard ETF (MV): The MIDAS Vanguard is an attractive index portfolio that has a strong component of the market’s performance.

MIDAS is the only ETF that has an investment grade rating and a long-term yield of 7.5%.

You can read more about Viking investments here:

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