When will the good investments arrive?

It’s been a few years since the last major investment was made by a public company, and there are still several big bets on Wall Street.

Here are five big ideas that could be the next big thing.


Uber For Uber, the ride-sharing service is a $1 trillion-plus bet that it will be the dominant player in the ridesharing space.

It’s a big bet, but one that has the potential to be profitable and to change the way we live, says John Hirschfeld, an investor in the company.

“Uber is going to be a huge disruptor, and I think that it’s going to drive a lot of the other players out of business,” he says.

“I think the ride sharing industry is going be a very interesting thing.”

Uber has more than 100,000 drivers in more than 130 cities worldwide.


Spotify for Spotify, the music streaming service, is also betting big on its ability to change how we interact with music, writes Jason Sperling.

The company’s music streaming app is expected to have a big impact on music streaming, and it has the chance to change many people’s lives.

Spotify has nearly 3.5 million paid subscribers worldwide, according to data from App Annie.

The app’s streaming service has been on a steady decline since it launched in 2014.


Airbnb For Airbnb, the luxury lodging service is investing heavily in a smart-home product called Nest, which will give hosts and guests the ability to control how the home is controlled.

Airbnb is looking at Nest to make home automation more accessible.

“We’re going to see a lot more things being done with Nest, and we’re going do a lot with Nest,” says Airbnb CEO Anthony Noto.

“But the most exciting thing for us is the integration with Nest that will enable more smart home devices to be connected to the home.”


Tesla for Tesla, the electric carmaker, is betting big in the Model S sedan.

It has more cars on the road than any other automaker, and its electric cars are expected to grow in sales in the next decade, analysts say.

Tesla is also planning to release a car to compete with Tesla, with its own electric powertrain.


Amazon For Amazon, the online retailer, has been making waves lately.

Its stock is up more than 30% this year, and Amazon has seen an explosive increase in sales.

The online retailer has a strong focus on e-commerce and Amazon Prime, which allows customers to pay for packages delivered through its Amazon Prime Air service.

Amazon has more Prime members than any of its competitors combined.


LinkedIn for LinkedIn, the social networking service, has an ambitious plan to get its network of 1.3 billion users into 100 million new monthly users by 2020.

It also wants to expand beyond its traditional online and mobile business.

The social networking company is also looking to launch a cloud-based service, called Connect, that would give it more control over how people connect with each other online.


Spotify For Spotify, Spotify has been building out its streaming service and is working on a new way to sell music to pay-TV customers.

Spotify also has plans to release an album and a movie that would be streamed by streaming services.


Pinterest for Pinterest, the search engine, is investing big in a new product that will allow users to pin images and photos to their own timelines.

Pinterest is also in talks to partner with Amazon to bring its search to Amazon Prime members.


Amazon.com For Amazon..com, the e-retailer is focused on becoming more of a content delivery network.

The new service will have more ways to get content to its users.

Amazon is also working on an Amazon Video service.


Google for Google, the web search company, is trying to make its online search engine more relevant to people’s needs.

Google is working to expand its services to include more video content and more data.


Snapchat for Snapchat, the messaging app, is building out a new service that will let people see the friends and loved ones they’ve made and add them to their Snapstreaks.

Snapchat also has a plan to add more features to its popular Stories app.


Airbnb for Airbnb, a housing and travel site, is hoping to get a larger share of the market for rentals, writes John Friel.

Airbnb’s focus is on making it easier for people to rent out rooms to others in their own communities.

The service has more rooms than any company in the United States.


Apple for Apple, the Apple TV, and the iPhone are all bets on Apple’s ability to transform the way consumers connect with information.

Apple is looking to make the Apple Watch a great investment in itself.


Microsoft for Microsoft, the Windows maker, is looking for a new home for its software.

The Redmond, Wash., company is building new Windows and Office apps for a wide range

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