Which hedge funds have the best return, according to a ranking by the investment industry website HedgePundits

HedgePenguin.com ranks hedge funds based on return on assets (ROA), their performance over the past five years, their market cap, their total assets under management, and their return to capital.

For every investment in a fund, HedgePeg is using its proprietary software to rate the hedge fund on the following three criteria: investment quality, return on capital, and ROA.

HedgePig’s “best-in-class” score is a five-star rating from HedgePound, which is a ranking based on the fund’s performance over five years.

Hedgepenguin says that it uses data from the S&P 500, and returns for all of its hedge funds are compared against the SAC Capital index.

In other words, Hedgepig uses the returns from hedge funds in the S.&amp.

P. 500 as its basis for its ranking.

It’s also a “scorecard” for the hedge funds it rates, which HedgePigg says are generally better performing than the ones it ranks on the SBC.

The S&amps hedge funds on the other hand have lower returns on assets, higher ROA, and lower market cap.

Hedgependicorp hedge fund is ranked as the “best performing” hedge fund by HedgePigs rankings, but it’s not ranked on HedgePigeon’s “Best-In-Class” ranking.

That’s because Hedgependig has a lower ROA and a lower return to its capital.

The top hedge fund in HedgePhenicorp is BlackRock, with an average return of 11.7% and an investment grade score of AA+.

BlackRock is the second-largest hedge fund, with a return of 10.5%, and an average ROA of 11%.

BlackRock also has the most investment capital, with more than $1 trillion under management.

The bottom-ranked hedge fund?

Fidelity, with returns of 3.4%.

Fidelity is ranked below HedgePioneer, which has an average performance of 11%, and its investment grade is AA+.

The best-performing hedge fund at the moment is Vanguard, with its returns of 4.6%.

Vanguard is the biggest hedge fund company, with investments of $1.2 trillion.

In terms of ROA returns, Hedgependik is the best- performing hedge fund and Fidelity comes in last, ranking at the bottom.

HedgefolioScore.com uses data sourced from the Federal Reserve, Bloomberg, S&ams, and the U.S. Treasury Department.

It is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the aforementioned companies, nor does it recommend investments in them.

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