How to buy acorns

The investment firm Acorns invested $25 million in a new bitcoin ETF in a sign that the digital currency is making a comeback as an investment option.

In the wake of the Mt.

Gox hack, investors are looking for alternative ways to diversify their investments.

Acorns, a company that makes investments in blockchain technology, said that it invested $30 million in the cryptocurrency last year and is looking to expand its portfolio into other assets.

The fund has been working with several digital currency startups to make the investments.

The company said that Acorns is currently focused on investing in bitcoin, but is also open to investing in other cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies as a way to diversified investment options.

It said that the fund is still looking to explore alternative investments in other assets, but that it has already made its investments in bitcoin.

“We’re not looking at it just as a bitcoin-focused fund,” the company wrote on Medium.

“Acorns is an active investment platform and is currently looking into several other digital asset ETFs that have potential in bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

In the meantime, we look forward to investing with them in the future.”

Bitcoin has gained traction as an alternative investment option amid the financial crisis.

A lot of the money invested in bitcoin by investors came from the exchanges that operated during the digital bubble.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows users to make payments without the need for banks.

Investors also invest in cryptocurrency investments because they can avoid the volatility of stocks, which has pushed the value of bitcoin down.

In a separate Medium post, Acorns said that its new cryptocurrency investments have helped it diversify its portfolio.

Acorns, which started as an online platform for people to buy and sell acorns, added that its investors have been more active on the platform.

In its Medium post announcing its bitcoin investments, Acorn wrote that the new funds have made Acorns a more effective investor.

“This has given us more confidence in investing in cryptocurrencies, which we have been seeing more and more adoption,” the post read.

“We are excited to see the crypto-market return and are continuing to work with our existing investors to expand our investment portfolio into the crypto space.”

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