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Weekly For 52 Weeks

How It Works!

Step 1. Create account

  1. Fill required fields of the application form on the Sign up page.
  2. Then submit your registration by clicking on 'Create account'.
  3. After that you will be able to log in into your account and make your first investment.

Step 2. Choose Plan

We offer 5 investment packages for you to choose from;
  1. Daily Plan. You can join our Daily plan and receive 0.50% interest paid to your account daily(each working day of the week for a year) Monday - Friday.
  2. Weekly Plan. we pay you upto 3.50% interest paid to your account each week, for 52 weeks.
  3. Monthly Plan. we pay you upto 18% interest paid to your account each month, for 12 months.
  4. Compounding Plan 1. we pay you upto 150% interest paid to your account after 6 months.
  5. Compounding Plan 2. we pay you upto 280% interest paid to your account eafter a year.

Step 3. Make deposit

In order to make a deposit you need to have an account in any of the following payment systems:
Orange Money and also MTN Mobile Money.
  1. Minimum Deposit Amount is XAF 5,000.
  2. Go to Make deposit page.
  3. Fill desired amount of deposit, choose ecurrency and click on 'Make deposit' button.
    If you want to make a deposit using your account balance choose Payment processor from 'Funding from the account balance'.
  4. On the next page you need to confirm your deposit by clicking 'Process'.
  5. After this you will be redirected to desired Payment processor. Then follow Payment processor instructions.

Step 4. Withdraw your funds

  1. Go to Withdraw page.
  2. Then choose payment processor and fill in the amount that you want to withdraw and click 'Request withdrawal'.

Get Start to Earn

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Started: Dec 1, 2012 Total accounts: 1160 Total deposited: XAF 340388.42